Zywave’s Jason Liu Talks Open API on Insurtech CEO Panel

It’s a rare occasion to get CEOs from the top insurtech platform providers in the broker space together in the same room. And it is even rarer to get them all on a single stage. But the first ever IndieTech Showcase Experience successfully made that happen.

Zywave’s CEO Jason Liu recently had the opportunity to engage in a panel discussion with CEOs from Ivans, Vertafore, Applied and PIA. What ensued was a lively discussion about the digital-first mindset, improving the customer journey, the potential impact of artificial intelligence, and the importance of open architecture and collaboration.

Open architecture is a critical component of Zywave’s greater vision for the future of the insurance industry—and one that Jason is extremely passionate about.

“There’s got to be an effort made to try to work in more of a partnership fashion between the large vendors and also some of the smaller players, as well,” he stated.

Zywave’s Stance on Open Architecture & the Future of Insurtech

As Jason explained on the panel, Zywave’s vision for the future is a seamless, cloud-based, open platform where systems talk to each other. One that increases efficiencies, improves revenue operations, and powers profitability. And the way we get there is through collaboration and openness with other tech providers in the insurance space.

We know, for far too long, insurtechs and their broker customers have been focused primarily on the administrative functions of their businesses and have spent much less time working on revenue-generating activities, such as lead generation, marketing, comparative rating, and client service.

But given the changing customer expectations and an increasingly complex insurance market, this model no longer works.

Instead of the bulk of tech investments going to stagnant management systems, innovative agencies are starting to shift their focus to the front office, where sales, marketing, and service are at the forefront.

That’s where the industry is headed and we’re proud to be leading the way.

To hear more from the top insurtech CEOs on open API, and several other hot industry topics, check out this recording of the full IndieTech CEO Panel.

To learn more about Zywave’s vision for a more open, collaborative insurtech environment, check out this recent Q&A Jason did with Instech: Driving Digital Distribution.



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