Zywave’s ClarionDoor

Offering a modern rate-quote-bind-issue experience.
  • Insurers rely on effective rating and distribution processes, and their success hinges on creating competitive coverage offerings and delivering them to a digitally enabled marketplace. However, all too often, legacy technology can delay or limit these critical tasks.

  • Zywave’s ClarionDoor is built to meet the moment. This configurable solution supports standalone rating processes for multiple lines of business. What’s more, its low-code application programming interface (API) base makes delivering coverage to distribution networks a breeze, allowing insurers to bring dynamic coverage to market in weeks, not months.

Features + Benefits

Turn rates into reality faster.

Flexible Rate Module

ClarionDoor configures to your needs. Rating algorithms, forms and coverage limitations can be set up and refined within the cloud-native interface.

Simplified Coverage Deployment

ClarionDoor’s API architecture allows for easy integration with external policy administration systems. Endpoints are available to connect coverage to other distribution channels.

Digitized Paper Trail

Insurers can easily view records of policies created and quotes tested through the tool, along with their response extensible markup language (XML) codes. Insurers can also generate proposals as Microsoft Word documents.

Streamlined Workflow Configurability

Insurers can streamline rating and distribution processes with ClarionDoor, as well as adapt in real time to changes in the insurance marketplace.

Improved Speed to Market

No more technical red tape. ClarionDoor can quickly get coverage into the distribution ecosystem without advanced IT knowledge.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

With ClarionDoor, insurers can deploy critical go-to-market materials with ease. Insurers can also measure each aspect of the rate-quote-bind-issue experience.

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