Analytics Cloud

Powerful and insightful workers’ compensation analysis at your fingertips.
  • Engage your clients and prospects with reports that blend workers’ compensation education and information specific to them
  • Communicate the mod, minimum mod, controllable mod and associated premium
  • Create custom report packages branded to your organization, delivering value and achievable savings through loss control

Features + Benefits

Outperform the Competition

Go beyond the low-bid mentality and position yourself as the mod expert. Open your prospects’ and clients’ eyes to the impact of the mod and challenge the incumbent broker.

Deliver Powerful Cost Savings

Identify cost drivers and provide strategic guidance to help your clients improve their mod and save money. Deliver long-term, cost-reduction strategies to make a lasting impact on your client’s bottom line, helping to lock in retention.

Free Up Time for Strategy

Stop wasting time by manually entering mod data and creating from scratch. Let ModMaster’s quick import feature and agency-branded reports do the work for you.

Quick Mod Analysis for Prospecting

Discover a new prospecting hook using Quick Mod Analysis to demonstrate a prospect’s saving potential in minutes. Use this data to educate prospects about the importance of the minimum mod and showcase your value.

Full Mod Reporting

Enter itemized payroll and loss data for detailed mod analysis, including multi-mod comparisons, frequency vs. severity reporting and more. Then, use the resources in Content Cloud to provide cost-saving solutions, such as return-to-work programs, safety articles and employee communications.

Fastest Import Feature on the Market

Upload National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) experience rating worksheets and receive results in seconds. Eliminate manual data entry errors and deliver instant analytics and reporting to your clients and prospects.

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