Category: Insurers

Propelling Progress: 2023 at Zywave

February 28, 2024
From the introduction of groundbreaking products to the seamless integration of cutting-edge digital solutions, our story is one of forward-thinking strategies and […]

Digital Distribution: Revolutionizing the Insurance Industry

February 14, 2024
The insurance industry has reached a pivotal juncture. Other industries have embraced digitalization, while the insurance industry continues to transact business in a […]

The Importance of Data in Making Cyber Insurance More Predictive

December 27, 2023
Technology may make our lives easier and more convenient, but it also opens the door to new threats and digital dangers. Every year, the frequency of cyber-attacks […]

Casualty Database Infographic

December 19, 2023
Zywave’s Excess Casualty Loss Insight database focuses on casualty loss cases over $1,000,000 in value. Most of these cases represent unpredictable incidences that can […]

Loss Insight Cyber Risk Database Infographic

December 15, 2023
Zywave’s Cyber Risk Loss Insight database contains information about events that have resulted - or could result - in significant financial loss to corporate entities. […]

Loss Insight Database Infographic

December 15, 2023
Zywave’s Loss Insight database contains more than 1 million legal cases, actions, and events that have resulted in - or might result in - significant financial loss […]

5 Key Takeaways from Zywave’s Cyber Risk Insights Conference

December 13, 2023
Zywave’s annual Cyber Risk Insights Conference is a core event on the cyber calendar. The conference brings together risk managers, cyber insurers, reinsurers, […]

Zywave Learning Course List

October 23, 2023
Take advantage of an innovative Learning Management System, delivering high-quality, on-demand courses. All courses feature easy to understand, professionally produced […]

Silent Clients, Loud Impact: Nurturing Profitable Customer Relationships

October 19, 2023
In the ever-competitive landscape of the insurance industry, success for insurers hinges on surpassing competitors in one or more of four crucial categories: price, […]

Zywave’s Jason Liu Talks Open API on Insurtech CEO Panel

October 12, 2023
It’s a rare occasion to get CEOs from the top insurtech platform providers in the broker space together in the same room. And it is even rarer to get them all on a […]

Connecting the Insurance Lifecycle Whitepaper

September 25, 2023
As the excess and surplus lines market continues to grow, the work and responsibility for pricing and placing quality business is felt across the entire insurance value […]

Cowbell Partners with Zywave, Expanding the Distribution of its Industry-Leading Cyber Insurance

September 13, 2023
The first-of-its-kind partnership connects Cowbell’s products to Zywave’s $800MM quoted premium annually Cowbell, a leading provider of cyber insurance for […]

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