HIPAA Security: Security Incident Reporting

Thank you for your business and entrusting your private and confidential information (Private Information) to us. We have always treated with utmost care all Private Information provided to us.

The HIPAA Security Rules require that a Security Incident Report (Report) be provided to certain entities that provide us with Electronic Protected Health Information. The information contained herein is intended to fulfill our obligation to provide you with that Report.

Today’s networks are under constant threat from hackers, worms, Trojan horses, and viruses. While our networks experience numerous denial of service attacks, port scans, and pings each month, these unauthorized attempts to access our sites are unsuccessful. In the event an unauthorized individual or entity successfully accesses our networks, we will mitigate, to the extent practicable, any harmful effect of the unauthorized disclosure. Within five (5) business days of becoming aware of a successful unauthorized access or other disclosure in violation of our privacy policies and procedures, we will report the details of the unauthorized disclosure to the parties affected.

For more information about our Privacy and Security Policies and Procedures, please contact [email protected].

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