Agency Matrix
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Agency management made easy.
  • Leverage an agency management system that is easy to use, yet comprehensive enough to manage large, complex clients
  • Easily manage the entire life cycle of your agency’s client relationship from pre-sales to servicing to renewal in a unified system
  • Centralize your data and create customized workflows tailored to your agency

Features + Benefits

Increase Revenue

Agency Matrix reduces time spent on tasks like x-date tracking, accounting reports, sweep tracking and reconciliation, and client service. This gives you more time to focus on increasing production.

Save Time

Save time and money with automated reporting and telephone integrations that automatically launch a client’s account based on the incoming phone number.

Improve Efficiency

Since Agency Matrix is browser-based, you can manage your agency from any internet-connected device. Plus, our one-page record view helps you work in a client record without going back and forth between sections.

Capture Crucial Information with Email Integration

Capturing email communications in your insurance agency management system is essential for strong client service. Agencies leverage the auto-attach capability to ensure all client inbound and outbound email communications are captured in the system.

Stay Connected with Integrated Texting

Independent agencies need a solution for text messaging with clients that doesn’t create gaps in documentation. Too many agencies have cumbersome workarounds or simply outlaw text conversations due to the associated risks. Integrated text messaging makes sending and receiving texts and images with clients easy and lets you save a permanent conversation record with one click.

Easily Access Reporting Information

Produce reliable insights with the click of a button to manage your staff, business and clients. Gain valuable, real-time information on agency finances, client retention rates, new policy business growth and more without specialized knowledge.

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