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Winter and Holiday Risks for Public Entities

December 4, 2023
Are you prepared for winter risks?  The holiday season may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be one of the riskiest

The State of the Cyber Insurance Market 2023

September 25, 2023
Everest Re reveals the key trends driving the Cyber Insurance market in 2023 and how participants in this industry can keep ahead of the curve. Findings reveal several […]

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Bringing Value to Clients and Brokers

August 15, 2023
Kadidja Sinz is the Head of the Europe and Middle East Region at Liberty Specialty Markets. Advisen – a Zywave Company – recently spoke to Sinz about how […]

Setting Cyber Brokers Up for Security Success

August 15, 2023
Julian Sylvestro and Chris Bell of Secureworks recently explained why they see broker-driven cyber risk management as the key to unlocking new potential in cyber […]

Executive Interview: AXA XL’s Chris Kopser and Steven Bauman

August 10, 2023
  Captives and the Elements of a Successful Approach  Advisen, a Zywave company, sat down with two thought leaders from AXA XL, Chris Kopser (president and […]
We thrive on making connections.
Whether it's catching up at tradeshows, hosting the industry's most progressive thought leaders, or gathering our customers for a think tank, we hope to see you at our next event!

The Path Forward for Better Data Breach Response

July 21, 2023
Today, organizations across the world rely on data and technology to bring value to their customers. While data and technology can help businesses unlock new […]

How Terrorism Coverage Can Reduce Risk

July 13, 2023
Throughout 2022, the public learned of plots to kidnap elected officials, politically motivated shootings, and even a bomb threat at the capital. And that was just in […]

Addressing Trends in Public Entity Transit Risk

January 9, 2023
What are the unique insurance risks that come with the operation of public transit? Becoming familiar with the ins and outs of these risks will keep you ahead of the […]

Zurich’s 12th Annual Information Security and Cyber Risk Management Survey

October 25, 2022
The past few decades have seen a substantial rise in cyber risk awareness and the growing need for cyber insurance. Our 12th annual Information Security and Cyber Risk […]

Leveling the playing field against cyber threats with machines, AI, and an ear to the ground

August 8, 2022
The mission of cybersecurity firm SentinelOne is to keep the world running by protecting and securing the core pillars of modern infrastructure: data and the systems […]

Helping Your Clients Effectively Manage Wildfire Risk

August 8, 2022
In recent decades, the number, severity and overall size of wildfires has increased across much of the United States. Further, because winter snowpacks are melting […]

2022 Property Risk Management Report

June 6, 2022
We are pleased to present the results of our second annual survey on property risk management from Archipelago and Advisen Ltd., a Zywave company. The survey took place […]

Changing the Commercial Property Underwriting Dynamic

April 19, 2022
Current commercial property insurance market conditions—brought on by rising property losses from natural disasters and surging rebuilding costs due to […]

11th Annual Information Security and Cyber Risk Management Survey

November 29, 2021
For much of the last two decades, the story of cyber insurance has been one of building awareness of risk, risk mitigation, and of the need for cyber insurance. Our 11th […]

Underwriting Discipline & Scale

November 15, 2021
In September 2020, in the middle of a pandemic, Pierre-Edouard Fraigneau was appointed by Liberty Specialty Markets to the new role of chief underwriting officer - […]

Executive Interview: Sompo International’s Christopher Donelan

October 29, 2021
Being a reinsurer means a long-term commitment and the willingness to innovate and evolve with the times. Christopher Donelan, CEO of Global Reinsurance for Sompo […]

Executive Interview: Sompo International’s Julian James

October 29, 2021
Growth is always important, and consistent growth during difficult times is even more so. Julian James shares his experiences driving growth with Sompo during the […]

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