Market Basket

Refining rate-setting efforts for insurers.
  • Setting the right rates makes all the difference for insurers. Profitability hinges on both accurately mapping premium to risk and setting competitive pricing positions.

  • To excel at these tasks, insurers need comprehensive data, and Market Basket is primed to provide that intel. Market Basket harnesses anonymized personal lines quote records run through Zywave’s broker-facing platforms. This data can enhance rate-making processes and enhance product development.

Features + Benefits

Bolster rate-setting processes with the power of a robust quote database.

Up-to-Date Intel

Market Basket’s database syncs with Zywave’s rating databases continually, providing insurers with the most current view of the state of the rating landscape.

Anonymized Records

Quote records are stripped of personally identifiable information (PII), removing any errors and omissions (E&O) concerns for insurers.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Market Basket is readily accessible. Data is segmented by state, and carriers can parse up to 30 days of quote records at once.

Broad Range of Quote Data

Market Basket contains millions of quote records, providing a statistically significant dataset for analysis.

Model-Ready Data

Market Basket data is adequately relevant for insurers to incorporate into their modeling efforts.

Configurable Data Delivery

Insurers can view subsets of Market Basket that are most pertinent for their data analysis needs.

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