Category: Digital Distribution

Connecting the Insurance Lifecycle Whitepaper

September 25, 2023
As the excess and surplus lines market continues to grow, the work and responsibility for pricing and placing quality business is felt across the entire insurance value […]

Decisely Insurance Services Case Study

September 14, 2023
Decisely Insurance Services is a broker-friendly benefits brokerage and HR services firm that specializes in providing integrated technology solutions for small […]

Magnetic Personality Whitepaper

June 27, 2023
You know how it works. Your policyholders purchase the coverage you offer through your distribution networks. Those distribution networks find new prospects to purchase […]

APIs: Powering Workflows & Helping Drive Growth

June 12, 2023
In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, organizations in every industry are seeking innovative solutions to enhance operational efficiency and drive actionable […]

Insurer Stand-Alone Rating Engines Report by Celent

June 7, 2023
Stand-alone rating engines are used for a variety of reasons—but primarily to externalize the rates, rules, and logic associated with rating from the policy […]

Insuring the Road Less Traveled

June 6, 2023
As technology continues to quickly advance and new industries emerge, the world is becoming a riskier place. Insurers are facing new challenges in their efforts to […]

Be A Leader, Not a Follower

April 27, 2023
Nearly all insurers offer similar products and services, with only slight variations of quality between different products, and little to no price variation. Consumers […]

Turn Up Your Digital Distribution 

February 6, 2023
Insurtech solutions shouldn’t be one size fits all. It’s time to discuss a new approach – one that will revolutionize the insurance industry, creating a more […]

Zywave for Insurers

January 26, 2023
What if we told you there was an easy way to increase your policyholder satisfaction, improve retention and achieve the highest profitability? If you're a carrier […]

Insurers, Meet Zywave Info Sheet

October 8, 2022
If you think you know Zywave, think again. While our foundations may have been as a content engine for insurance brokers, today we’re much more than that. We’ve […]

MGA Hub Info Sheet

October 8, 2022
Commercial insurance is more intricate than ever. With the nature and location of work transforming, companies face dynamic risks – particularly for Excess & Surplus […]

ClarionDoor Info Sheet

September 8, 2022
Insurers are relying on innovation more than ever. With new risks and emerging competition around every corner, insurers must refine their coverage portfolios to meet […]

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