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Insurtech Evolved: Next Gen Zywave

Thursday, September 30, 2021
Written By
Jill Kempka
Content Marketing Manager

Zywave is not new; we’ve been innovating the insurtech space for over 25 years, but now we’ve got an even bigger story to tell. We’ve evolved from a company primarily known for comprehensive employee benefits content and tools (shout out to our flagship product, Broker Briefcase) to a dynamic, full-service insurtech provider serving thousands of independent agents, brokers and insurance carriers globally – in all lines of business including employee benefits, personal and commercial. Sounds like a lot, right? Absolutely, and we’re ready to share the details.

What’s changed?

First of all, we’ve grown. A lot. Our growth has not only added new products, tools and services to our portfolio, but it has also fueled the success of our customers. The “new Zywave” combines all the innovation of the past, with an even better customer experience, plus a wide range of new solutions we’ve recently added through the acquisitions of miEdge, Advisen, ITC, Enquiron, Modgic and IBQ. And, in the last year alone, we’ve had over 275 new product releases. We’ve been busy working on insurtech solutions that will drive your business to a new level of efficiency, excellence and engagement.

And, if you think you know Zywave, think again. We’ve worked to expand our portfolio to give you the edge with your clients. You will be better able to streamline your work and deliver more. Sounds too easy, right? Our goal is to make it easy for you by offering a simplified approach for end-to-end solutions.

Our integrated, cloud-based solutions are designed to help our partners drive growth. We believe strongly in the power of open architecture and are proud to provide solutions that allow data to flow freely between systems. This is critical with the amount of new technology in our industry. We will continue to invest heavily in our partners and the insurance industry as a whole to drive change, foster innovation and fuel growth. How do we do it? These four clouds form the pillars of our solutions; they each have value on their own, but are even mightier when combined:

Sales Cloud – Streamline mission-critical workflows to fuel organic growth.

Content Cloud – Elevate your brand and build your reputation by delivering high-quality, trusted content to your clients and prospects.

Client Cloud – Deliver a high-impact customer experience by offering your clients the centralized tools they need to solve their unique pain points.

Analytics Cloud – Become a strategic business consultant for your clients by helping them evaluate claims, workers compensation losses, health plans and more.

We’re evolving to offer you the breadth of expertise and solutions you need to succeed. We can provide the optimal mix of solutions to address your pain points and position you for growth. Zywave can offer you a Modern RevOps Machine.

What is a Modern RevOps Machine?


You have a lot to manage. Our goal is to make your work life easier by offering user-friendly options to build an end-to-end solution that works for you. Think of it as an all-in-one platform offering sales, marketing, and management solutions (our clouds) to power your organization’s growth– your very own Modern RevOps Machine.

Sure, that may sound complicated, but it’s not. The Modern RevOps Machine we can create for you simply bundles together the solutions you need based on workflows and desired outcomes. We are more than just individual tools, we’ve got it all ready to assemble for you. Actually, there’s no assembly required. Our cloud solutions are extremely user-friendly and can seamlessly integrate into your current operations.

In today’s world you no longer can only rely on building your business through relationships. You have to be able to prove value – by exceeding customer expectations and providing a superior experience. And the value that Zywave’s Cloud Solutions can offer will allow our partners to combine the power of technology with their own expertise to deliver the ultimate experience.

Good news for everyone

Our expansion means good things for everyone. We grow. You grow. The industry grows. It’s a win-win situation for all. And we’re happy to be able to offer this evolution in efficiency through technology. With end-to-end, cloud-based solutions for marketing, sales, and analytics, we’re the tech stack of choice for all lines of insurance. And we’re not just helping property and casualty brokers, employee benefits brokers, and carriers manage their operations; we’re helping them generate revenue. We’re on a new path to growth and we want to take you with us.

Are you ready to join the Zywave revolution? Learn more here.

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