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Broker Briefcase Benefits Edition

All the employee benefits resources you need in one place

Broker Briefcase Re-Imagined

Broker Briefcase is undergoing a transformation. With innovative new features you can transform the way you manage, access and utilize content. Zywave’s ever-evolving Broker Briefcase is designed to help you grow your business. New features you now have include:

Smart Content Delivery: Producers spend 30+ hours a month just looking for the resources they need to do their jobs. Now the most relevant content for your unique audience is dynamically recommended using advanced software and machine learning.

Content Storage: Stop wasting time searching for the resources you need in multiple places. Turn Broker Briefcase in to your single source of truth and upload all the resources your team needs in one easy to search, easy to organize system.

Broker Briefcase Benefits Edition


Deliver Targeted, Educational Resources

With more than 4,500 pieces of content, Broker Briefcase Benefits Edition has everything you need to effortlessly service and educate your clients. Prove your value by providing industry-leading content in key benefits areas like health care reform, HR, wellness, compliance and more.

Find the Right Content Format for Your Clients

We understand not everyone consumes content in the same way. That’s why we offer a wide range of different content formats—including videos, flyers, infographics, newsletters, in-depth toolkits and guides, and more—so you can best meet the unique needs of your audience.

Train New Producers Faster

Quickly train new hires and help them sell more effectively by offering them one educational center for all their insurance questions. By providing one, easy-to-use content system, producers can quickly find the information they need so they can successfully prepare for any prospect or client meeting.

Broker Briefcase Benefits Edition


A Team of Content Experts

Unlock content you can trust. Broker Briefcase is powered by a team of 35+ professional writers/editors, market analysts, attorneys and motion/graphic designers, so you can rest assured you’re always getting professional-looking, reliable content.

Weekly Content Notifications Emails

Never miss a beat or trending piece of content. With the weekly content notification emails in Broker Briefcase Benefits, you can stay on top of the latest market trends and send any relevant updates to your clients.

Agency-Branded Content

Create custom-branded newsletters, presentations, flyers, toolkits and more with Broker Briefcase Benefits. By including your name, contact information and logo on valuable content, you can raise awareness about your brand and position yourself as a thought leader.

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"I can't see us working without Broker Briefcase. The resources keep us and our clients updated on what's changing."

"We positioned ourselves as the health care reform expert using Broker Briefcase ... now our small firm looks and feels like a much bigger company, and we have the toolbox to go after larger groups."


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