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5 Content Trends for the Second Half of 2021

Saturday, July 31, 2021
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What will people be talking about as the second half of 2021 marches on? What should you be telling them?

Getting the right information in front of the people who need it can elevate your value and strengthen your relationship with clients. So much information is thrown around on a daily basis, that it is almost impossible to sift through everything and determine what is important. You can play a critical role in streamlining all that information into the most critical nuggets for your customers.

Staying on top of trending topics is not as easy as it sounds. The sheer volume of stats and stories flooding the news, social media and other outlets make it hard to focus on what is important. To help you out, we’ve bubbled up 5 topics that are sure to keep interest piqued as 2021 winds down.

  1. COVID-19 – With changes to policies, mandates and guidelines related to COVID-19 changing daily, this topic remains on top of the list. Providing accurate and timely updates about the pandemic saves your clients time and energy. Even if it seems like there is a bit of fatigue around discussing COVID, people still crave and need to know the latest information on this situation. Distributing this content helps you prove concern and value. There hasn’t been a topic that has been so dominating, controversial and critical in recent memory. Stating the facts and being a trusted resource can strengthen your relationships with clients.
  2. Return to normalcy – As the country reopens, 49% of American adults are uneasy about resuming in-person interactions. Details on how to get back to normal at home and work are needed by people in almost every geography and industry. Also, keep in mind the related topic of re-entry anxiety – an overall uneasiness or uncertainty about returning to the way things were before the pandemic. Providing coping tips and strategies will be welcome inclusion when discussing this topic.
  3. Well-being – Content that focuses on wellness and self-care resonates across the world. Lives have changed in ways no one could have predicted and people are feeling the impact of health, finance and lifestyle disruptions. Keep clients in peak form by sharing helpful information on physical, mental, financial and social well-being. Topics such as mindfulness, anxiety reduction, and exercise prove to be popular and welcome areas of content.
  4. Cyber protection – Information on how to reduce cyberattack risks can benefit all. With almost every part of our life including a digital component, our risk for incident rises. Offer checklists and tips for online protection. This can include information on creating safe passwords, account monitoring, what to do if hacked and best practices for online safety.
  5. Personal inventory – Give clients information on what they should account for from a life-planning standpoint. This is the right time for everyone to review all insurance policies, legal documents, wills, financial planning documents, 401K plans, health coverages, emergency documentation and more. As the world changes, it is important for your clients to adjust and update their critical information. Because, as this last year has shown; you can’t predict what will happen next.

As you may conclude, most of these trends are directly and indirectly the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, there are other important topics to discuss, but it still remains critical to provide clients with items that help them stay in control amid these constantly changing conditions. Be flexible and purposeful with your communications and remember to include a personal touch so your clients don’t feel like they are just one of many on a list. Let content be a constant in your client relationships.


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