The Prospecting Tool All Insurance Carriers Need

New carriers are emerging in the insurance sector. To succeed while the competition expands, you have to stay agile. You have to be ready to enter new markets, expand with new coverage options and grow into new coverage areas. And for that to happen – you need more leads.

But the quest for new leads can all too often be tedious and time-consuming – particularly if you’re relying on legacy tactics. Cold calling? Basic Google searches? They are a thing of the past. What you need now is a tool that makes prospecting effective, efficient, and provides the results you need to grow so you’re not chasing after bad premium. The tool that you’re looking for is miEdge.

Let Us Tell You About miEdge

MiEdge is the insurance industry’s leading prospecting engine. Whether your goal is to expand into new industries, move into novel geographic areas, or even find companies based on their compliance information, miEdge has you covered. With miEdge you can search the largest available database of employer risk insights. You can drill into employer data by industry, geographic area, and even OSHA and COPE data.

How Does It Work?

There isn’t just one way to use miEdge as an insurance carrier. Whether you’re searching for specific potential policyholders or looking to partner with a new agency, miEdge has you covered.

When you search by specific employer, and you’ll be able to find information about their current insurance coverage, OSHA records, and more.

If you’re not hunting for a specific employer, but rather looking to target employers by broker, you can search by individual brokers or agencies. You’ll be able to pull a list of clients that will help you determine if an agency has the right potential policyholders for your organization.

Put miEdge to Work for You

If you’re ready to build an easier, more effective prospecting workflow, miEdge is for you. But miEdge can be used for more that just prospecting and entering new markets. If you’re looking to research the competition, determine if your rates are competitive, and optimize your competitive positioning, the data in miEdge will give you the boost that you need. It’s the tool that every insurance carrier needs to have in their toolbox.

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