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Marketing & Lead Generation

Drive growth, improve retention and increase prospect engagement

Take the struggles out of growing your business

Finding new leads and retaining existing clients is the lifeblood of any agency. However, it can be extremely difficult to complete these tasks without an effective sales and marketing strategy in place.

Boost your agency’s growth and increase prospect engagement by leveraging the industry’s leading marketing and lead generation solutions.

Marketing & Lead Generation

Key Features

Email Marketing Automation

Engage your clients and prospects by using a streamlined communication engine to help you:

  • Save time and increase your reach by sending tailored, timely communications to your entire book
  • Ensure your emails reach your target audience by using dynamic lists to target specific groups or individuals based on location and other demographics
  • Measure the effectiveness of any given email campaign

Lead Sourcing & Management

Instantly access the industry’s largest database of employer insurance risk insights, providing thousands of leads and empowering you to accelerate growth. With our lead sourcing and management solutions, you can:

  • Supercharge your marketing strategy with insurance profiles and insights gathered and interpolated from dozens of data sources
  • Create an intelligent prospecting strategy, finding qualified leads based on the industry’s largest variety of criteria
  • Easily engage with prospects by managing and exporting lead lists

Prospect Discovery & Presentations

Be prepared for any prospect meeting by uncovering valuable insights and delivering them in custom, branded presentations that include:

  • Safety, loss control, return to work and other timely resources for P&C clients
  • Benefits education, compliance, open enrollment and other relevant resources for benefits employers
  • Results from a brief survey that you can send to prospects prior to the meeting to help you recommend the right benefits strategy for them


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Marketing & Lead Generation Informational Sheet

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