miEdge - Benefits
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Actionable sales intelligence for millions of benefits leads.
  • Supercharge your marketing strategy with employee benefits profiles and insights gathered and interpolated from hundreds of data sources
  • Create an intelligent prospecting strategy, finding qualified leads based on the industry’s largest variety of criteria
  • Easily engage with prospects by managing lead lists, receiving alerts for data changes and integrating into your existing tech stack

Features + Benefits

Designed to instantly identify better, more targeted leads to fuel growth for your business.
Next-level Discovery
Start conversations with the right people by identifying key decision-makers and using detailed knowledge about their businesses to engage with them in a new way.
Grow Into New Markets
Uncover valuable employee benefits insights on prospects in unfamiliar industries to expand your operations and access carrier and broker information to target certain prospects.

Streamline Prospecting and Lead Generation

Instantly access millions of leads and target the businesses you want based on advanced search functionality. Then, unlock strategic business insights and insurance profiles to boost sales operations.

Insightful Employee Benefits Data

Discover employee benefits prospecting data—all in one place. Find employers based on key business information, like eligible employees, commission fees, compliance issues and more.

Data Analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integrations

Use advanced analytics to uncover market trends in all 50 states. Gain competitive intelligence for territory planning, market expansion and commission structure.

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