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Code SixFour

Streamline employee benefits sales, quoting, renewals and consulting


Provide Robust Benchmarking

In today’s tight labor market, employers must have a competitive benefits package or risk losing their employees. Help your clients see how their benefits stack up by using our Benchmark Edge tool.

Save Time During Open Enrollment

Creating custom open enrollment booklets can be incredibly time-consuming. Automatically create, manage and store customized open enrollment booklets using our Benefits Booklet Builder.

Promote Health Plan Compliance

Health care legislation is constantly changing, and staying up-to-date on the latest compliance obligations can be a struggle for employers. Use our Compliance Analyzer tool to demystify ACA and ERISA requirements.

Offer In-Depth Claims Analysis

As health care costs continue to climb, your clients need help managing their health care spending. Leverage the comprehensive reporting and benchmarking in our CFO Insights tool to evaluate the financial health of your clients’ benefits strategy.

Streamline the Proposal Process

Think of all the time you spend on proposals during renewal season. Simplify the entire process by using the dynamic plan comparison reports and live contribution modeling in our Digital Plan Marketing tool.

Gain Control of the Sales Process

Tap into more than 50 powerful discovery questions to uncover hidden prospect pain points. Automate client discovery and win more business by using the features available in our Sales Advisor tool.

Simplify Employee Surveys

Employee feedback is invaluable when it comes to designing an effective benefits plan. Use our expertly crafted Employee Surveys to uncover the insights your clients need to help their employees succeed.

Access Quotes Instantly

Leverage the fastest small group quoting tool with RateFactory. Now you can generate quotes from multiple carriers instantly, select the plans to present, and have a customized proposal in front of your clients in minutes.

Quickly Deliver Proposals with Confidence

RateFactory’s carrier-direct rates means you have instant access to the most current and accurate data. Take advantage of the easy census upload and minimal data entry to provide proposals from the office or the road.

Code SixFour

Content Portfolios

Quote and Proposal Portfolio

This content package includes:

Digital Plan Marketing

Streamline your renewals with dynamic plan comparison reports, live contribution modeling and carrier-direct quotes for small groups by RateFactory.

Benefits Booklet Builder

Automatically create, manage, and store customized client open enrollment booklets.

Quote, Proposal, & Insights Portfolio

Includes everything in the Quote and Proposal Portfolio, plus....

Benchmark Edge

Help your clients identify gaps in their plan designs by using data specific to their industry, size, plan type, and region.

Compliance Analyzer

Protect your clients with sophisticated compliance management tools, covering areas like ACA analysis and ERISA.

Full Consulting Portfolio

Includes everything in the Proposal & Insights Portfolio, plus....

CFO Insights

Leverage comprehensive reporting and benchmarking to evaluate the financial health of your clients' benefits strategy.

Sales Advisor

Win prospect meetings with powerful tools and templates to gain control of the sales process.

Employee Surveys

Uncover the insights your clients need to help their employees succeed.

Want to increase your small group revenue stream?

Watch the video below to learn how Code SixFour & RateFactory can help.


“Finally, a system where we can manage a prospect through to a client and have a seamless transition of data. Code SixFour allows our teams to focus on client retention and relationship building, rather than spending countless hours creating brochures, presentations, and duplicating data entry – not to mention, improving accuracy. This platform will create many more “wins” for our organization.”

“Code SixFour makes its much easier to service my clients. The system helps me to easily generate enrollment booklets and I can run monthly claims reporting for specific self-funded or level-funded clients. My clients love it. I cannot say enough good things about Code SixFour.”

“Working with the team at Code SixFour has been an absolute delight. The approach they take with our team has been a refreshingly unique and client-centric one and has contributed to the retention and procurement of excellent clients for our firm. Code SixFour raises the bar and we are grateful for the positive impact they have made on our infrastructure and our processes.”


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