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Nurture prospects into long-term clients

Improve your close ratio, client retention, and referrals with automated marketing

AgencyBuzz is an automated agency marketing system that includes email, print mail, voice, and SMS. It increases closing ratios and improves client retention by keeping your agency in front of prospects and clients, through consistent, personal communication.



Easily Follow-up on Leads

No longer worry about missing an opportunity to sell! With AgencyBuzz you can always stay in front of your ideal prospects through multiple marketing channels. Increase your close ratio by always being present for your prospects to help guide them from lead to client.

Retain More Clients

Automate your cadences and campaigns to engage with your clients about timely upcoming renewals or payments. Provide additional information and educational content on a scheduled basis to demonstrate your value and grow trust with your clients.

Drive Additional Referrals

With the ability to create multiple communication touchpoints, help drive referrals and reviews with your best clients, which will help your organization grow.



Built-in Mailing Designs

With beautifully designed emails, quickly pick your template and apply it to your communications. With various themes, including lines of business, seasonal and more, you’ll always have an engaging way to connect with your clients and prospects.

Easy-to-use Interface

Don’t be scared by complex platforms or scared away by coding. With a platform that is easy to work and control, you will find it easy to manage and update your campaigns inside the web-based platform. Quickly create, schedule, and send impactful communications.

Agency Management Integration

AgencyBuzz integrates with many platforms, including Insurance Website Builder and Agency Matrix, to provide the most seamless process into creating more efficient and effective marketing efforts for your organization.

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