Content Distribution for Service Providers

Expanding the reach of service provider content.
  • Content can help service providers explain their offerings to their users, promote well-being and boost brand awareness. But these advantages only go as far as the available audience.

  • Zywave’s Content Distribution for Service Producers gives that audience a boost. This solution puts your resources in front of thousands of brokers on a platform they use daily. Brokers can then share the content with their customers. Add it all up, and Content Distribution for Service Providers is an invaluable sidekick to your content initiatives.

Features + Benefits

Take your content resources to the next level.

Robust Audience Targeting

Ensure your content is getting in front of the right audience. Upon import, easy-to-use controls allow you to determine which brokers can access your content and which assets they can leverage.

Enhanced Search Capabilities

The dynamic search functionality in Content Cloud ensures that brokers can instantly surface your content. Service provider content can also appear in a dedicated sidebar on the platform’s search results page.

Comprehensive Reporting

A built-in dashboard includes impressions, shares, downloads for distributed content, and which brokers viewed your materials the most. Downloadable reports can be exported for additional analysis.

Exposure to a Broad Broker Network

Reach more than 3,500 brokerages that use Content Cloud. Brokers do not need to be appointed with your organization to view your content on the platform.

Access to a Captive Audience

Brokers can surface your content when they need it most. They can also pass along materials to their customers, saving you the tedious work of sharing materials individually.

Improved Brand Sentiment

Aligning your content with an industry-leading platform improves your standing. Brokers and consumers can view your organization as a must-have rather than a commodity.

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