miEdge for Service Providers

Taking prospecting to the next level.
  • Service providers must build strong books of business to thrive. Yet, it can be challenging to source robust employer data for prospecting. miEdge for Service Providers can streamline this process.

  • Service providers can gain insight into 4.5 million employers across the United States, including 150,000 organizations that work with a professional employer organization (PEO) or payroll company. Service providers can also easily sort database records in manners that fit the needs of their businesses and even get alerted to changes in employer records. When it comes to prospecting efforts, there’s no tool quite like miEdge.

Features + Benefits

Intel to fit service provider workflows.

Built-In Public Record Reporting

View Department of Labor (DOL), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other public records in a single reporting view. An employer’s key contacts and business relationships are also viewable.

Dynamic Search Capabilities

Search for employers by geography, industry, and more. Service providers can also filter employer records by associated PEO, third-party administrator (TPA), actuary or insurance broker.

Data Portability Options

miEdge functionalities can be integrated into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Reports can also be exported for offline analysis.

Access to Key Information Sources

miEdge aggregates publicly sourced information records into an entity’s module, saving hours of data compilation time.

User-Friendly Data Presentation

View employer records one by one or at the aggregate level.

Integration With Insurer Workflows

Thanks to customer relationship management (CRM) integration and data export options, miEdge functionalities can live within the business systems that service providers use daily.

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