Expand Your Service Offering with Employee Training Resources

An educated workforce is a safer, more productive workforce. That’s why as an insurance agent – whether you handle employee benefits or property and commercial insurance – it’s essential that you’re working with your clients to ensure that they are keeping their employees trained on a variety of subjects.

But keeping employees properly educated isn’t cheap. For just a single course, employers may have to pay thousands of dollars per year to keep their employees up to date. If they’re in a state that requires state-specific trainings for courses such as sexual harassment prevention, it could cost even more.

For employers, it’s an unavoidable expense. But with Zywave, you can make that expense more manageable, all while strengthening your partnership with your insurance clients. Let’s talk about how.

What All Employees Need to Know

Before you start offering training courses to your clients, you need to think about what courses your clients will want to offer to their employees. There are a wide range of training topics that employers may want to consider. But what are the basics that every employer should be offering?

Sexual Harassment Prevention: Any form of sexual conduct in the workplace is inappropriate, and may constitute sexual harassment if the actions or comments are unwanted or threatening. Ensure that employees understand how to build a workplace free of discrimination, harassment and bullying, and that management knows how to address harassment incidents when they arise.

Many states also have specific requirements that need to be met for sexual harassment prevention trainings, including New York, California and Washington. Employers operating in these states will need to ensure that they are offering trainings that meet state requirements.

Diversity and Inclusion: Employees all share the responsibility to act ethically and speak up if they see coworkers behaving badly. Make sure employees understand how using common sense, critical thinking and common courtesy, can help everyone gain opportunities to learn and thrive from both our similarities and differences.

Workplace Safety: Many jobs have responsibilities that have the potential to cause injury, whether employees are using forklifts, climbing ladders, or handling dangerous materials. Employees need to know the latest safety requirements, understand how to prevent workplace accidents, and how to respond if an accident does occur.

Industry-Specific Courses: Are there safety considerations that employees need to understand for their specific industry? Industries such as construction, health care, and transportation all have unique needs that require industry-specific knowledge and trainings.

Training as a Relationship Builder

The four categories of trainings we just reviewed are only a starting point. Many employers will want to go above and beyond when it comes to training their employees. But if just one course can cost thousands of dollars, imagine how expensive it can be to offer a dozen or more courses to every employee each year? The cost can be immense, and that’s where you can help.

By offering a learning management system such as Zywave Learning, you can help your clients access the education and training resources they need, without killing their bottom line. You will also make yourself essential to their business operations, strengthening your business relationship for years to come.

Zywave Learning includes over 150 training courses, offered in both English and Spanish, on a variety of important topics. Curated by Zywave’s team of attorney-led content experts, each class is reviewed and updated annually. The system comes with an easy-to-use online portal that tracks employee participation and makes reporting easier than ever. It’s exactly what your clients need to keep their employees educated – and how you choose to offer it is entirely up to you.

Learning as a Value-Added Service

If you’re looking to strengthen your service offering to your clients, you can offer Zywave Learning as a no-cost benefit to partnering with your agency. You’ll save your clients thousands of dollars, allowing them to invest in the growth of their business thanks to your help.

Learning as a Fee-For Service

If you’re looking to boost both your bottom line and your clients, it’s easy! Offer Zywave Learning as a fee-for-service option to your clients, while taking into consideration the current training platforms that your clients are offering. Just make sure that you’re offering Zywave Learning for less than what your clients are already paying, and you and your clients will both benefit.

Learn More about Zywave Learning

If you’re ready to leverage learning to strengthen your relationships with your clients, you need Zywave Learning. The complete list of available courses can be found here. To learn more about Zywave Learning, speak with a Zywave product expert today!


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