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Zywave releases sophisticated ad hoc analysis for leading claims analysis tool

Friday, June 7, 2013
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Drive Growth at Your Agency With Ad Hoc Analysis

Rising health care costs are a huge burden for employers. Figuring out how to curb those costs, though, can be difficult. That’s where we can help. One of the most powerful ways to manage health care costs is through health care claims analysis, via tools such as Decision Master® Warehouse, a leading Zywave solution.

Our Decision Master Warehouse tool offers sophisticated, flexible ad hoc analysis. This tool allows you to get to the source of problem areas quickly using IBM Cognos technology. Our ad hoc analysis is simple enough for a 150-life group and robust enough for a broker’s top accounts.

 How Can Ad Hoc Analysis Help You?

  • With just a few clicks, you can deliver actionable reports that translate into big cost savings for your clients. Use ad hoc analysis to discover areas of opportunity to help your clients’ reduce their benefits plan costs.
  • Find answers to your clients’ top health and prescription questions, such as “How often are generics being used?” or “Where are the most cost-effective places to go for specific procedures?”
  • Give users the option to add custom fields not included in the carrier claims data to increase the value of ad hoc analysis. Other customization options include the ability to save custom templates, robust filtering options, and additional colors and styles for the brand report output. 
  • With our reports, there are no limits on data or group size. There’s no need to open extra windows to bring in additional analysis points—allowing you to meet each client’s unique needs.

“With the flexibility and advanced capabilities of ad hoc analysis, you’re not delivering Zywave’s analytics anymore, you’re developing and delivering your own analytics program to meet your agency and client needs,” said Michelle Jackson, senior product director at Zywave.

Want to learn more about the ad hoc analysis tool? Schedule a demo with our team.


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