About this webinar:
Zywave, Inc. is recently hosted a live webinar event “The Emerging Digital Risk You Aren’t Paying Attention To…Yet”. Our host, Patrick Sitkins is Managing Partner of Adaptive Marketing. Patrick brings years of experience on both the client and consultant sides of the business. After leaving his prior position of Partner & VP of an international consulting firm, he founded Adaptive, comprised of 60% insurance clients – companies, independent agencies/brokerages, M&A firms, and consultants.
Your clients have specific responsibilities under the ADA; failure to adhere to these can result in lawsuits and signification penalties. Join Patrick as he dives into the world of emerging digital risk and how to maintain adherence to ADA guidelines to ensure your clients are protected.
In this webinar, you will learn:
  1. What the ADA Guidelines have to do with your website
  2. How to reduce the risk of a $10k-$70k lawsuit
  3. The steps to ensure you and your clients meet ADA guidelines