About this webinar:

If you could alleviate the highest cost your clients and prospects struggle with, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? Training employees on how to stay compliant with regulatory requirements and improve their job skills are not only expensive but a headache for employers who have to both create training programs and keep track of employee progress.
Training360 may be the answer your clients need, offering online training to help their employees do their jobs better and reduce exposure to unnecessary liabilities.
Join Zywave for a discussion on how Training360 can help you win new business and retain clients by eliminating their most complex and expensive business problems.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  1. Why investing in employee training is so important for compliance and how costly it can be without a tool like Training360
  2. How easy it is to use Training360 and the problems it can solve for employers
  3. How you, as a broker, can make yourself more valuable to your existing clients and create an additional revenue stream