About this webinar:
Growing your agency isn’t easy with everything that competes for the attention of your prospects. In order to interest prospects in your business, you first have to find a good source of them. Mining your personal relationship networks is a great place to start but you certainly need many more prospect sources and the technology tools to manage them once you find them.
There are some proven marketing and prospecting techniques that can help you find prospects and convert them into leads. In addition, there are a number of technology tools that can aid you in that effort as well.
Zywave’s Lillian Shapiro will share with you several techniques to help you market yourself and your agency and engage with new prospect sources so that you can continue to grow the size and impact of your agency.
In this webinar, you will learn:
  1. Simple techniques to improve outreach and marketing to prospects
  2. The best way to find and engage with prospects and turn them into leads
  3. Technology tools that can help facilitate these marketing and prospecting efforts