About This Webinar

Zywave, Inc. is pleased to host a live webinar event: “Account-rounding and Producer Production Strategies”. Our presenters will Nick Koenig and Joe Rachiele, resident producer production specialists at Zywave.

Most agencies are looking to win new accounts, maximizes policies-per-insured and keep current clients engaged. Brokers consistently tell us that the top two areas that they focus on to achieve growth are account-rounding and producer production. The ultimate struggle is that this tends to take a lot of time, can add more work to your day, and return on time investment isn’t seen quickly enough.

Join Nick and Joe as they discuss how to focus your efforts on revenue-generating activities to gain these agency efficiencies.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
  1. What to focus on within your agency to achieve growth
  2. Account-rounding tips and tricks
  3. Revenue-generating activities that focus on producer production