About this webinar:

Zywave, Inc. is pleased to host a webinar event: “2018 Health Plan Design Benchmark Report: Trend and Analysis Webinar.”

Listen in as Zywave’s panel of experts share some of the highlights from our annual Health Plan Design Benchmark Survey, and what it means to brokers who are looking for growth in today’s industry of uncertainty.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about three trends:

  1. How to cope with increasing health care costs
  2. The impact of the Affordable Care Act
  3. How to shield the average employee from costs

This webinar is hosted by James Laux, a Zywave Account Executive, and Jake Hanke, a Senior Market Analyst. In addition to the Health Plan Design Benchmark Survey, James and Jake will also discuss results from the Broker Services Survey. You’ll learn what service and support gaps exist for brokers, as well as how to access the resources that Zywave makes available to brokers in Broker Briefcase.

Zywave’s products for insurance agencies include web-enabled marketing communications, business intelligence and analytics, client resource portals and agency management tools. In addition to webinars, Zywave hosts 1,800-plus hands-on training sessions per year.