Amanda Flynn

Senior Vice President, Marketing
Since bursting onto the Chicago advertising scene 20+ years ago, Amanda has continuously fueled her passion for building brands. From cheese to chocolates to B2B SaaS, her energy and strategic insights have left marks on companies like Kraft, Nestle, Navteq/ Nokia & Seismic. While she’s led high-growth marketing teams of all sizes, the last few years she’s been focused on expanding Zywave’s position and image in the industry to become the prominent insurtech software provider in distribution and front-office management. (Shedding its long-held image of being the ‘Broker Briefcase brand.’) With an adventurous travel spirit and a deep love of all things fashion (high & low!), you’ll probably find Amanda playing tennis, backgammon, or ‘kindling’ in her spare time. Assuming she’s not chasing around her teenage kids and golden doodle! 

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