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An AMS for today’s benefits broker

Enhanced Commission Tracking

Get paid for the work that you do. With our new commission tracking enhancement, you can post commissions to the same month, view a comparison between a statement total and payment entered, and much more.



Easily Manage Time-Intensive Renewals

Say goodbye to time-consuming renewals by streamlining the entire request for proposal (RFP) process. Create industry-leading RFPs in minutes and easily send them to multiple carriers using BrokerageBuilder™.

Simplify Complex Commission Tracking

Tracking carrier commissions is complex. BrokerageBuilder makes it easy. Track commissions from any carrier with ease. Easily process and validate payments received, and gain better insight into your agency's commissions revenue.

Streamline Task Management

Centralize your data and create customized workflows tailored to your agency. Each day, users will receive a daily list of overdue tasks and upcoming items that require their attention—helping ensure nothing falls through the cracks.



Activity Tracking for Any Account

Track activities for any given account, carrier or employee, including current and past activity. Access all of your agency's accounts, plans, files, activities and carrier data from anywhere, 24/7.

Custom Proposal Generator

Compile carrier quotes from RFPs to create tailored client proposals. Brand and customize proposals with cover pages and other relevant content—allowing you to easily highlight your value.

Real-time Reporting

Take the guesswork out of reporting. Use one of the 80 available report templates or create your own in the ReportCenter. Use these reports to track upcoming renewals, monitor open activities, audit internal usage and more.


"It’s nice to manage all our data in one place, versus the paper files of the past. And, with the goal of working at peak efficiencies, we can now track the history of a claim, supervisors can track and manage employee activities electronically via multiple offices with everyone having real-time information at their fingertips, along with tracking sales and commissions."


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