Broker Briefcase® Benefits Edition

Your benefits sales & marketing engine

Introducing Leads, Content, Email Marketing Enhancements

As an employee benefits producer, your time is precious. Finding and engaging with prospects can consume countless hours. Zywave solved this challenge by making major enhancements to Broker Briefcase Benefits Edition. Now through Zywave Leads you can Instantly access thousands of leads based on 5500 filings and search by industry, location and employee count and export or save your search results. You also can send emails directly to prospects through Broker Briefcase without attaching Broker Briefcase content, so you can quickly engage prospects with custom messages. And now the most relevant content for your prospects will be immediately right in front of you with the system automatically displaying content based on an account’s line of business, state, industry and number of employees.


Streamline Communication & Build Your Brand

77% of insurance buyers want to hear from their broker at least once a month. With Broker Briefcase Benefits Edition, you instantly engage with your entire prospect and client base—all with the click of a button.

Empower Your Sales Team & Close More Business

Give your employees the tools they need to save time and complete their day-to-day responsibilities more efficiently. Keep producers up to date on the latest best practices and market trends so they can land more first meetings and win new accounts.

Simplify Prospect Meeting Prep

Stop wasting hours preparing for prospect meetings. With the Prospect Presentation Creator in Broker Briefcase, you can create custom presentations in minutes that target your prospect’s unique pain points.


Automated Communication Engine

Save time and make retention easy by setting up automated email campaigns for one-off or year-round distribution. With our dynamic lists feature, email lists will be automatically updated based on accounts and contacts that meet your specific criteria.

Producer Training Program

Quickly onboard new producers and replicate the skills of high performers by using the Producer Training Program in Broker Briefcase. With more than 25 lessons and 8 courses, our program has everything you need to master each step in the sales process.

Renewal Presentation Creator

Never go to another renewal meeting underprepared. By using the Renewal Presentation Creator tool in Broker Briefcase, you can create customized renewal presentations in just a few minutes that are targeted to each client’s unique pain points.

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"I can't see us working without Broker Briefcase. The resources keep us and our clients updated on what's changing."

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"We positioned ourselves as the health care reform expert using Broker Briefcase ... now our small firm looks and feels like a much bigger company, and we have the toolbox to go after larger groups."

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