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Agency Matrix

Agency management made easy

The agency management system your agency needs to maximize efficiency, productivity, and sales

As an independent insurance agency, you need one of the best agency management systems, with cutting-edge technology, an easy-to-use interface, and dedicated support. Agency Matrix is committed to delivering insurance software solutions that meet these criteria and will help you reach your business goals. Agency management doesn't have to be hard.

Agency Matrix


Increase Revenue

Agency Matrix reduces the time you spend on tasks like x-date tracking, accounting reports, sweep tracking and reconciliation, and providing client service. This gives you more time to focus on increasing production.

Save Time

Save time and money with automated reporting and telephone integrations that automatically launches a client’s account based on the incoming phone number.

Improve Efficiency

Since Agency Matrix is a browser-based system, you can manage your agency from any internet-connected device. Plus, our one-page record view helps you work in a client record without having to go back and forth between sections.

Agency Matrix


General FeaturesBusinessPerformance
100% Cloud-Based System
Import/Export Customers & Prospects
Automated Reporting
Sweep Tracking & Reconciliation
Telephony Integration
Premium Finance Center
X-Date Tracking
Accounting Reports
Unlimited Documents and Storage
Employee End-of-Day Tab
Hyperlink to Insurance Company
Mail Label Processing
Company Announcements
Custom Fields
Forms Upload
Letter Blasts
Alert Fields
Multi-Office Customization
Task Management
Time Clock
Scan Now
Petty Cash Tracking
Carrier Downloads
eDoc and eMessage Download
Email Blasts
Drag-and-Drop Attachments
Bank Deposits & Reconciliations
Commission Reconciliation
Text Blasts
Custom Workflow
Automated Marketing
General Ledger
Batch Barcode Scanning
Task Calendar
Agent Dashboard
Customer Types
Marketing Bridge
Submissions Generator
File Locker
Independent Brokers

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