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Agency Management

Sell and renew more efficiently with solutions to better manage your employee benefits insurance activities

A single platform to make your agency's benefits workflows efficient

Managing the benefits portion of an insurance business can be complicated, time-consuming and full of inefficiencies. Eliminate these problems with a system designed to manage your agency’s day-to-day activities more effectively.

Leverage a dynamic Agency Management System that consolidates your workflows and processes into a single, unified platform so you can spend more time on sales and retention.

Agency Management

Key Features

Account and Contact Management

Reduce errors and improve efficiency by managing your benefits client and prospect data in a single location. By centralizing your data, you can:

  • Easily add, edit and import new accounts
  • Keep your database up-to-date and accurate with the ability to merge and restore accounts
  • Eliminate manual data entry and maintenance by using mass import and mass delete features

Activity & Workflow Management

Track client and prospect activity and gain insights into the workflows needed to make your employee benefits insurance business more successful. With these solutions, you can:

  • Ensure nothing falls through the cracks with an easy-to-use renewal calendar dashboard
  • Help employees better manage their tasks by assigning and notifying them of specific due dates
  • Maximize efficiency by creating custom workflows to alert your team of overdue and upcoming tasks

File Management

Simplify file organization by managing, editing and accessing your information in one, centralized location:

  • Streamline filing editing and organization with an intuitive drag-and-drop feature
  • Quickly find the resources you need with a simple account and file structure
  • Keep your file library accurate and up-to-date with the ability to archive or delete old materials

Opportunity Management

Uncover new ways to manage your sales opportunities and drive growth:

  • Learn why your sales team is winning and losing benefits opportunities with detailed histories and notes for every account
  • Run your sales organization the way you want with the ability to create custom opportunity stages
  • Reduce your administrative workload by easily tracking sales credit

Plan Management

Take the hassle out of managing and configuring various carrier benefits plans by storing them in one integrated solution:

  • Stay on top of the most current plans with the ability to add, update, renew or delete plans
  • Deliver what your clients and prospects want by configuring or customizing rates, tier types, benefit items and plan types
  • Integrate plans, rates and benefits items with other Zywave solutions

RFP Management

Expedite the entire request for proposal (RFP) process by creating industry-leading RFPs in minutes and sending them to multiple carriers:

  • Guarantee consistency by ensuring all your RFPs are delivered in a professional and uniform format
  • Stay on top of the RFP process with robust tracking to keep you informed during every step
  • Increase revenue by spending less time on renewals and more time finding and selling to new prospects

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