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Your total sales and marketing solution for personal lines agencies.

Personal Lines Suite is an ideal solution to create an “easy button” for sales and marketing needs and workflows. This includes helping with prospecting and lead generation, establishing systematic sales workflows, providing timely, relevant communications, and much more.

Automatically communicate to prospects

Pick premade, agency branded newsletters and content to instantly engage your entire prospect base with a click of a button. Year-round campaigns, breaking legislative news help differentiate your value. Create and build your agency brand with these trusted resources.

Optimize your communication and marketing intiatives

Make sure you get ROI out of your marketing initiatives by know how effective they are. Reporting on clicks, downloads, etc will help you know what your clients are interested in and how to better engage them. Have tangible ROI from your marketing initiatives.

Jeff Hill

“Zywave has been a fantastic partner in technology and content that is invaluable for the benefits and Property industry we share.”

Frank Pennachio

“In a world of “content” marketing, Zywave creates and delivers a seemingly endless supply of valuable content for both agents and their prospective and current clients. “

Ellen Kloth

“Partner relations is the best customer service in the industry. “

Roberta Flannery

“Every experience I’ve had with Zywave Partner Support has been excellent.”

Ronnell Nolan

“We have worked with Zywave since the inception of HAFA and always been pleased with their level of service.”

Michelle D'Argenio

“Zywave is a great business tool! Broker Briefcase is my agency’s go to. It is very easy to navigate.”

Emily Koleno

“Zywave offers great content and I’ve had only wonderful experiences with their team.”

Eugene Leis

“Their support service people are absolutely fantastic. The product is great too!”

Laura Peterson

“Great support. These products help our clients and us every day!”

Cort Niemi

“Absolutely awesome product. We use it almost every day!”

Kaylee David

“Zywave, working with your team has been nothing, but amazing thus far! We would recommend Zywave to anyone.”

Jennifer Walden

“This product is amazing, the reports generated are easy to read yet very informative for quarterly reviews with our clients.”

Ashley Robison

“I love the amount of information they have available and the ability to modify/personalize it for my clients. Great service!!”

Personal Lines Suite solves the complex problems you're facing.

  • Close more business
  • Reduce servicing time
  • Make retention easy
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P&C agencies are primarily focused on getting new business and prospecting. Differentiation is one of the biggest challenges for insurance agencies and most struggle to do so. Differentiate by providing tangible value and ROI to your prospects and close more business. We can help you execute your prospecting with content, resources, tools, etc.

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P&C spend around 50% of their time servicing clients. Agencies can save time by answering questions quicker and proactively communicating with their clients.

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Simplify the retention process by showing your value year round. Provide tools and resources to save your clients money and educate them safety and risk management.

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Here are just some of the features that set Personal Lines Suite apart.

engine 1

Content distribution engine

Instantly email content and resources one-off or set-up once for year-round distribution, and automatically account round and send emails based on data.

Resource Library

Resource library

Over 500 pieces of content covering risk management, safety, OSHA compliance, insurance coverages, etc.

On demand marketing hub

On-demand marketing hub

Enhance your brand with ready to use marketing templates, videos, PPTs, sell sheets, emails, social posts, scripts and more.

Reporting Analytics

Reporting analytics

Get click rates, opens, downloads and more for your marketing initiatives through Broker Briefcase.

PL Suite includes Intygral.