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Quickly and easily find relevant resources to answer questions and implement solutions.

MyWave Elements is the customized, go-to resource for employers and businesses to use for all their HR, risk management and compliance needs. Automatic, timely updates keep businesses informed of relevant hot topics and the on-demand tools and resources are available 24/7, when and where businesses need them most.

Provide a 24/7, online branch of your agency

Engage with your clients 24/7 online and allow them to self-serve. This will save you time when servicing and address the changing face of the buyer.

Provide clients with valuable tools

Clients can utilize tools and apps to make their daily workflows more efficient and prioritize portals as the go-to- resource for all business, HR, compliance and risk management needs.

Build a barrier against competition

Protect your book by providing additional value to your clients. Show your clients what you provide for your premiums and fend off competitors with additional value adds.

Fully customizable to cater to your needs and agency branding

Fully customizable with the ability to change colors, pages, text, content and more.

Jeff Hill

“Zywave has been a fantastic partner in technology and content that is invaluable for the benefits and Property industry we share.”

Frank Pennachio

“In a world of “content” marketing, Zywave creates and delivers a seemingly endless supply of valuable content for both agents and their prospective and current clients. “

Ellen Kloth

“Partner relations is the best customer service in the industry. “

Roberta Flannery

“Every experience I’ve had with Zywave Partner Support has been excellent.”

Ronnell Nolan

“We have worked with Zywave since the inception of HAFA and always been pleased with their level of service.”

Michelle D'Argenio

“Zywave is a great business tool! Broker Briefcase is my agency’s go to. It is very easy to navigate.”

Emily Koleno

“Zywave offers great content and I’ve had only wonderful experiences with their team.”

Eugene Leis

“Their support service people are absolutely fantastic. The product is great too!”

Laura Peterson

“Great support. These products help our clients and us every day!”

Cort Niemi

“Absolutely awesome product. We use it almost every day!”

Kaylee David

“Zywave, working with your team has been nothing, but amazing thus far! We would recommend Zywave to anyone.”

Jennifer Walden

“This product is amazing, the reports generated are easy to read yet very informative for quarterly reviews with our clients.”

Ashley Robison

“I love the amount of information they have available and the ability to modify/personalize it for my clients. Great service!!”

Everything you need to grow your agency.

Requires either Broker Briefcase Benefits or Broker Briefcase P&C and also pairs perfectly with HR Hotline.

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MyWave Elements solves the complex problems you're facing.

  • Spend less time servicing
  • Increase retention
  • Close more deals
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Another channel for clients to get answers to questions allows clients to self-serve, reducing call-ins that take up valuable servicing time.

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Help protect your book and showcase the value you provide. Clients rely on the portal as a go-to resource and soon learn they can’t live without it.

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Leverage the portal as a differentiating aspect and close more deals.

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Here are just some of the features that set MyWave Elements apart.

Fully customizable portal

Fully customizable portal

Fully customizable portal allows for custom branding and custom look and feel for client. They are notified automatically by the system once it’s ready for them to sign in.


OSHA log

Online OSHA log allows clients to track all OSHA incidents so they are ready for an OSHA inspection at any time. They can produce OSHA reporting in minutes and have access to hundreds of OSHA resources to help them remain compliant.

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ACA reporting

MyWave Elements comes equipped with an ACA reporting tool that allows clients to create the 6055/6056 forms that are required by the IRS every year. Every employer has to do this, so the ability to provide a way for your client to do this easily (and correctly) is a huge value-add.


Online community

Clients have 24/7 access to an Online employer community with more than 400,000 users. Through it, employers are able to connect with other risk managers, CFOs, HR experts and recruiters to get questions unique to their business problems answered.


Compliance Calendar EB 1

Compliance calendar

MyWave Connect comes equipped with a customized federal health plan compliance calendar. This means that employers can see all the federal compliance deadlines in a calendar view. We also provide explanations for what the requirements are for each deadline and provide supporting documentation to help an employer know what to do to stay compliant.

HR Hotline 1

HR Hotline

Most employers lack sufficient HR resources and sometimes need guidance on very specific questions. By offering them HR Hotline, you are making a team of HR professionals available to them to answer their questions with confidence.

Reporting Statistics 1

Reporting statistics

Brokers can see which clients are engaging with the portal, including who’s logging in and what content they are viewing. This helps a broker make sure that his clients are getting value from the portal.

Toolbox App 1

Toolbox app

The toolbox is comprised of things like the ACA reporting tool and the compliance calendar. It makes it easy for clients to launch their tools. It also makes it easy to navigate through the portal because tools and content are kept separate.

Requires either Broker Briefcase Benefits or Broker Briefcase P&C and also pairs perfectly with HR Hotline.