MyWave Connect®

Engage clients and centralize thousands of resources with an online portal. Access to 6055/6056 tracking and reporting tools.

Turnkey online client portal

  • Discover the next generation in insurance agency marketing.
  • Deliver the first self-promoting, automatic client portal.
  • Effortlessly stay in front of clients and support top needs.

On-demand marketing communications

What if you could stay top of mind with clients with ready-to-use marketing communications, without sacrificing valuable time with prospects? Welcome to the next generation of insurance agency marketing solutions.

Support what matters most to clients

Deliver where clients need the most support with resources filtered to the topics, industries and states your clients choose.
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Discover the portal that does the work for you

Insurance agency marketing has never been easier. MyWave Connect posts relevant resources on your behalf, and sends automatic emails to promote featured content and drive clients to login, strengthening relationships and ensuring retention.
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Showcase your expertise and market your agency

Showcase your expertise with thousands of easy-to-understand HR and risk management resources, including legislative Q&As and deep topic overviews that support everyday needs to dramatically reduce time spent marketing and servicing clients.
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HR Hotline

Deliver HR expertise on-demand with an HR Hotline. Because the Zywave HR Hotline is a module of the MyWave Connect portal, clients get advice from an HR professional and have access to the resources to execute immediately.
Helping clients find what they need

Clients find what they need, when they need it

Clients can self-serve with a smart search that brings the most relevant content to the top, broken down by category, so you can spend more time on your agency marketing. Plus, follow up on your service calls by deep linking to any search, document or topic.
Insurance agency marketing with mobile optmization

Deliver value wherever clients are with mobile

Mobile marketing is a hot topic, and now clients can access all the resources you’re delivering right from their tablet or mobile device for business support at their job site, on their plant floor or on the go.

"Head and shoulders above anything else, this gives clients the most value as fast as possible."

Zywave Partner

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Leverage Unparalleled Support

Get up and running easily – our implementation experts load your data, train your agency and help you customize the system. Zywave also provides guidance every step of the way with on-going support from in-house experts.

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Provide the HR and compliance expertise your clients need with HR Hotline, a module of MyWave Connect.