Uncover workers’ comp cost drivers for clients with accurate and actionable reporting and analysis. Deliver long-term cost reduction strategies.

Workers’ compensation and mod analysis tool

  • Deliver trusted, accurate experience mod analysis.
  • Show premium costs of each workers' comp claim.
  • Promote agency brand.
  • Provide strategies to improve the mod and lower costs.

Here’s how ModMaster solves the complex problems you’re facing.

Outperform the competition

Go beyond the low bid and position yourself as the mod expert. Prove the cost savings you can help prospects achieve. Compete with larger agencies and differentiate your brand.
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Empower clients to lower costs

Open clients’ eyes to the impact of the mod. Identify cost drivers and trends with sophisticated analysis. Provide strategies to improve the mod and save clients money.
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ModMaster Features

Enter data and show saving potential in minutes. Dynamic reports illustrate the powerful impact of your solutions. Analyze trends and the impact of specific losses or policy periods. Deliver over 100 professional workers’ comp documents.
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Leverage Unparalleled Support

Get up and running easily – our implementation experts load your data, train your agency and help you customize the system. Zywave also provides guidance every step of the way with on-going support from in-house experts.

"ModMaster has helped me save my clients thousands of dollars, while giving me a true competitive advantage over other agents in our area. It is worth every penny!"

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