Identify, nurture and convert leads that exist in your current database. Focus on revenue-generating activities with producer dashboards and task management.

Maximize the opportunity that already exists in your current database.

Insurance broker marketing software that identifies the opportunities that exist in your current database and sends targeted messaging, at the right time, to each unique customer profile.

Identify and convert referrals

80% of brokers say referrals is their top source for growth. Easily track and manage your referrals within the platform.

Attack your mono-line policies

More than 500 agencies told us that account rounding is the #1 way to improve organizational growth. But, on average, 66% of an agency's accounts are mono-line. Round out your accounts to increase revenue and improve retention.

Stay in touch with your entire book

Make prospects and clients take action through automatic email messaging, where they receive the right message at the right time.

Forecast Accurately

Business owners and sales managers have a complete view on where they might spend more developmental time, when they know they can double down, and when they know they can hit the gas on certain initiatives.

Focus on hottest leads

Producers have the hottest leads at their fingertips when they first walk in the door.

Increase revenue and retention

Ultimately, increase agency value by increasing revenue and retention with Intygral.

"Any producer in our agency who is not using the Intygral system is just not as successful as the ones who do."

Zywave Partner

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