Policy Lifecycle Management

Offering a superior post-bind experience.
  • It’s no secret that it costs more for businesses to acquire new customers than it does to retain existing ones. This is doubly true in the insurance industry. But in a world where rates and consumer requirements are constantly shifting, it’s hard for insurers to keep insureds on the books.

  • This is where Policy Lifecycle Management comes in. By extending the capabilities from Zywave’s acclaimed ClarionDoor solution to post-bind activities, it helps insurers provide endorsements, manage renewals, and process cancellations– all within an intuitive workflow built for scalability.

Features + Benefits

Make policy adaptations a breeze.

Task Configurability

Individually configure endorsement, renewal, and cancellation processes – all within ClarionDoor’s cloud-native interface.

Automation Capabilities

Automate key post-bind processes within the user interface or ported to external admin systems via API.

Intuitive Dashboard

Access a reimagined dashboard featuring streamlined policy search capabilities, configurable columns, and rule mapping options.

Policy Management Efficiency

Eliminate the complexity from managing such post-bind tasks as endorsements, renewals, and cancellations.

Error Reduction Potential

Automations and API architecture can reduce errors within post-bind activities. Endorsement, renewal, and cancellation processes can follow consistent protocols, without a massive increase in Quality Assurance investment.

Data Transparency

Get a clear end-to-end view of policy transactions past the point of issuance – making it easier to manage your book of business.

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