ModMaster for Insurers

Transforming mods into effective models.
  • Mod scores are essential when assessing commercial risk. They can highlight the prevalence of loss for a policyholder—an outcome that carries financial implications for insurers. But these scores are just snapshots: A deeper story lies beneath each one.

  • Zywave’s ModMaster provides this context. It can illustrate which factors make some policyholders riskier than others. What’s more, its customizable reports can show policyholders the benefits of risk mitigation on their premiums. It’s a critical tool for assessing risk and improving outcomes.

Features + Benefits

Unpack the why behind the mod score.

Detailed Loss Analysis

ModMaster contains detailed intel on the loss events that influence mod scores, including views on actual versus expected losses and sensitivity analyses.

Benchmarking Capabilities

ModMaster shows minimum and controllable mod figures and loss impacts by geographic location, nature of the incident and more.

Configurable Reporting

ModMaster has more than 40 reporting modules, which can be compiled into reports for internal teams, brokers or policyholders.

Enhanced Underwriting Processes

ModMaster connects the details of loss events to the numeric value of mod scores, bringing underwriting models in line with real-world risk.

Improved Ratemaking Accuracy

ModMaster reports reduce the outlier effect, providing additional data points to support the mod within rating models.

In-Depth Risk Mitigation Discussions

ModMaster reports demonstrate how loss reduction can lead to lower premiums, offering a baseline for risk management conversations with brokers and policyholders.

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