Zywave Learning for Insurers

Modernizing the compliance process.
  • Insurers depend on compliance resources to educate insureds about legal requirements and risk reduction practices. But it can be challenging to deliver these resources at scale.

  • Zywave Learning is here to help. This digitally native learning management system (LMS) provides hundreds of courses covering specialized topics. Insurers can provide these courses to meet compliance education needs. And insureds can access materials on their schedule. It’s a win-win solution.

Features + Benefits

Deliver customized compliance courses at scale.

Broad Course Library

Zywave Learning includes access to more than 150 courses covering a range of topics—with 100 courses also available in Spanish.

Always-On Access

Zywave Learning is available 24/7, so insureds can always access course material.

Robust Customization Options

Insurers can add their own courses, utilize built-in options or both.

Specialized Compliance Education

Zywave Learning provides compliance education for safety, cybersecurity, HR matters and more. Insurers can offer the most pertinent resources to each insured.

Streamlined Delivery

Insureds can self-serve compliance materials, lessening the strain on insurers for training and certification.

Relevant Course Material

Compliance materials are refreshed regularly, allowing insurers to provide insureds with the most up-to-date information.

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