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COVID-19 Solutions Center

Arm your business with the digital tools it needs to support, engage, and educate new prospects and existing clients

Quickly Identify Leads & Target Communications

Lead Generation & Prospecting

Finding the right leads and filling your funnel is an ongoing struggle for any business, and COVID-19 has further magnified this challenge. Instantly identify the best leads with unique insights and insurance profiles specific to each individual prospect. With numerous filters in place, you can easily find industries who need your guidance more now than ever. Even better, all prospecting can be done from your phone using an easy-to-use mobile app, so you can keep your business going no matter your location.

Email Marketing Automation

Whether it is updated legislation or new health and safety information, your clients and prospects want to hear from you. Staying connected with timely communications doesn't mean you need to spend hours and hours sending emails to each individual client. Instead, streamline communication by using an automated email marketing system to save time and quickly educate and engage your entire book or a specific audience.

Resources for Your Clients in Their Greatest Time of Need

HR Hotline

The ongoing pandemic has brought with it a slew of new HR challenges. Between new legislation (like the FFCRA, CARES Act, etc.), trying to administer FMLA and paid sick leave, and fielding employee questions, your clients’ HR departments are struggling to keep up. Provide them with direct access to a team of experienced HR professionals who can help answer their pressing business questions and get them the answers they need.

Learning Management System

As business operations continue to adjust and more people work remote, employers will need to continue to educate and train their employees digitally. Meet the need for online learning by providing an LMS that allows employees to take assigned courses on their own schedule and on the device they choose. Recently added courses include a new coronavirus prevention and response category, which covers topics such as coronavirus preparedness for employees and managers, crisis management and emergency response planning, handling stress, and managing and working remotely.

Trusted Content in One Place to Promote Education and Safety

Extensive Content Library

Leverage an unparalleled content library with COVID-19 specific content groups to stay in the know and show your customers how much you care. The content library contains a wide range of resources that can be branded back to your business, including videos, posters, sample policies, checklists, compliance bulletins and more, to help promote greater health and safety. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, content pieces are added and updated regularly—ensuring you always have trusted information at your fingertips.

Content Management System

Keeping your content organized and readily accessible is more important than ever. Easily upload and manage all your third-party or carrier content and anything you’ve created in-house alongside all of Zywave’s resources to create a single source of truth so you can find what you need, when and where you need it.


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