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Third-party Content Integrations

Integrate content into your team’s systems

Consolidate content within your existing solutions

Your team works primarily out of a CRM system to track your engagement with clients and prospects. But having to log into a separate system to access content relevant to those contacts can be frustrating.

Now you can easily access the content you need in the CRM or Intranet systems your business already uses. Integrate your solutions and discover the content you’re looking for on the platforms you use every day.

Third-party Content Integrations

Key Features

Content Displayed In Your Existing Systems

Gain access to the industry’s largest content library in the systems you already work in, such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint Connector:

  • Increase content utilization by displaying content in your current system
  • Find content without having to learn a new system

Smart Content Recommendations

Find the best content for any given account by embedding Zywave’s advanced software and machine learning in the systems you and your team use:

  • Get instant content recommendations based on the account data in the software solutions your teams use every day
  • Boost engagement by selecting content directly in your third-party solution that meets unique business needs
  • Become a thought leader with content prescribed for your clients and prospects based on industries, states, seasons or trends

Workflow Optimization

Optimize your team’s processes by giving them direct access to the content they need in the systems they use:

  • Make content part of your team’s daily workflow by automatically displaying resources to them as part of their CRM workflows
  • Streamline operations by eliminating the need to access other content solutions in other systems
  • Increase customer satisfaction by incorporating content into your service and support activities


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