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Producer Training Module

Optimize your sales training program

Set your sales team up for success with a comprehensive training solution

The number one obstacle to organizational growth among insurance agencies is recruiting, onboarding and training new employees. It can take up to two years to fully train a new producer, during which you are investing time and resources without getting very much in return.

Bolster your producer training program with a comprehensive course library designed to not only train new hires, but also give your current producers the resources they need to increase their close rate.

Producer Training Module

Key Features

Robust Training Courses

Empower your sales team with a set of sales training courses for both employee benefits and P&C agencies:

  • Improve the effectiveness of your training process with videos and presentations to teach every step of the sales cycle
  • Support selling into any line of business with specific training tracks
  • Provide actionable strategies to uncover more prospects and win more business

Team Progress Tracking

Gain detailed insights into your sales team’s training and development:

  • Quickly view course status using the module’s dashboard
  • Present training progress with a simple training report export feature
  • Filter by line of business to assess each individual team member’s training progress

Practical Sales Resources

Provide your team with tools and content to support specific lessons:

  • Run more successful discovery meetings using checklists and questionnaires to uncover prospects’ pain points
  • Take the fear out of cold calling with step-by-step instructions to help producers land more meetings and increase their closing ratio
  • Offer action items to help new hires put what they’ve learned into practice


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