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New & Improved Course Packaging

Save time when creating course selections for your clients. Now you can combine multiple courses into packages, save those packages, and provision them to current and future clients—eliminating the need for manual course selection in the future.


Provide Access to an Online LMS

75% of employers say it’s important that their broker offer an online LMS for employee education and safety. Meet and exceed this market need by offering clients access to Zywave Learning, our very own LMS. Zywave Learning is mobile-ready, so learners can complete training from anywhere, at any time.

Reduce Employer Training Costs

On average, companies spent $986 per learner in 2018 on employee training, and these costs can add up quickly if your clients have a lot of employees. Boost retention and prove your value by providing Zywave Learning as a cost-effective alternative to the expensive training solutions your clients are using now.

Offer Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

One-fifth of American adults have experienced sexual harassment at work. Help your clients promote a safer work environment by offering them the sexual harassment prevention training courses available in Zywave Learning.


Comprehensive Course Catalog

Zywave Learning boasts more than 150 workplace safety trainings, including industry-specific courses for construction, transportation, restaurant, health care and chemical industry employers. Courses are available for both employees and managers in English and Spanish.

Robust Training Reports

Easily demonstrate the value of your training solution by using the robust reporting tool and dashboard in Zywave Learning. With this reporting, employers can track compliance with government-mandated training requirements, helping to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

CA, CT, DE and NY Sexual Harassment Courses

Do you have clients in California, Connecticut, Delaware or New York? Make sure they comply with their state -mandated sexual harassment prevention training requirements. These courses are available for both employees and managers at no additional cost.

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