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Learning Management System (LMS)

Set your agency apart with comprehensive training & employee education

Keep your clients safe and engaged by keeping them well-educated and trained

No matter the size of your clients' business, the one challenge every business faces is risk originating from their employees. Poorly trained employees are less likely to be safe and productive on the job, which can open your clients up to more claims and lost revenue.

Reduce clients’ risks and demonstrate your superior value by offering them a centralized education and training platform. By offering clients a central location for their resources and training tools, you can help them stay safe and run their business more effectively.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Key Features

Extensive Course Catalog

Courses are continually reviewed, updated and added with more than 150 trainings available. Every course is included so you and your clients will be covered with categories like:

  • Chemical & Environmental Safety
  • Cybersecurity
  • Diversity & Ethics
  • General Workplace Safety
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Workplace Harassment & Violence

Reporting & Tracking

Easily demonstrate the value of you provide with a LMS by using the robust reporting available that will help you and your clients:

  • Track and meet compliance standards for government mandated training requirements
  • Ensure employees are engaged and taking required or recommended training
  • Create and issue certificates of completions quickly and easily
  • Create a more educated and safer workplace with data to support the impact of the LMS

Customizable and User Friendly

Built within an intuitive and easy to use platform for both the administrator and the learner complete with:

  • Mobile-friendly courses that are available in English and Spanish
  • Administrative portals built specifically for brokers and employers that allow for quick set-up and the provisioning of courses
  • The ability to build your brand by adding your logo and color scheme to the LMS


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