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HR360 & Broker360

Suite of Broker Compliance Tools in One Easy-to-Use Platform, within the Zywave Client Cloud



Save Time

Writing timely and legally-compliant news and information is challenging and time consuming. With our monthly attorney-written newsletters and regular ACA and HR news alerts, you can keep all your clients and prospects up-to-date with this crucial information, all branded with your logo and contact details.

Build Business and Boost Loyalty

Partnering with HR360 will position your firm as the only solution your clients need to succeed. Every newsletter, email alert, PDF, and answer from the HR360 library will be branded back to your organization and allow you to stay in constant communication and build trust, loyalty, and business.

Be Competitive with Larger Brokers

HR libraries are a powerful prospecting tool and sales incentive. For years, the largest firms in the industry have provided these resources to clients as an added value, and now you can too at a cost you can afford. The easy-to-use HR library will quickly be a go-to source for everything HR.



Complete Library

A complete library of compliance and guidance that will assist your clients with everything from recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees, to performance reviews and termination.

Impactful and Insightful Newsletters

Monthly attorney-written HR and benefits newsletter, ready to email and customize with your company name, logo, and contact information. ACA and HR news alerts, also branded with your company name and contact information.

Customizable Content

More than 50 checklists and guides in PDF format, ready to customize and send with your logo and contact information. These cover topics such as ‘ACA by Company Size’, ‘HSA/FSA/HRA Comparison Chart’ and a ‘DOL Health Plan Audit Document Request Checklist’.

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