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HR Apps

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HR Apps

Custom Job Description Builder

Accurate job descriptions are an important part of any business, but developing them from scratch can be stressful. Offer your clients the Custom Job Description Builder so they can create tailored job descriptions and recruit more qualified employees.

Employee Cost Calculator

Help your clients get a more complete picture of the true cost of hiring new employees. From compensation and benefits to recruiting, training and other costs, this easy-to-use calculator accounts for expenses clients may not necessarily think about when hiring a new employee.

HR Self-Assessment Tool

Help employers analyze their HR competencies to make sure they are creating an environment where employees can thrive. With this tool, clients can assess and identify improvements in their processes around HR management, employee relations, recruiting, training and development, and more.

In-person Interview Question Builder

Give your clients the tool they need to create a more consistent interview process. Let clients choose from more than 400 pre-developed behavioral interview questions in 49 categories to create a ready-to-use interview guide in minutes. These questions are key to evaluating whether a candidate has the knowledge, skills and qualities necessary to become a successful employee.

Performance Review Builder

Eliminate stress by helping your clients conduct effective performance reviews. Using this tool, clients can create performance appraisals based on an employee’s occupation, which can be customized with ratings and comments. Clients can then develop individual action plans to address performance issues so employees feel empowered to achieve their full potential.

Salary Benchmarking

Retaining employees in today’s tight job market is essential. With the Salary Benchmarking Tool, clients can search compensation and pay structure reports either annually or by the hour. Clients can access salary data on more than 800 job positions and compare information by location to make sure they stay competitive.

Sample Job Descriptions

If your clients don’t want to create custom job descriptions from scratch, another option is to pull inspiration from existing sources. By providing the Sample Job Descriptions tool, your clients can find sample job description verbiage, salary ranges and more to help them effectively highlight an employment opportunity to candidates.

Total Compensation Statement Builder

It's easy for your clients' employees to think of total compensation simply in terms of salary, but it’s so much more than that. This step-by-step tool generates a total compensation statement for clients in minutes, helping to educate their employees about the full value of their benefits. Total compensation statements not only boost employee morale, but they also can serve as a powerful retention tool.

Employee Surveys

Receiving feedback and getting honest input from employees about their satisfaction is important for both an employer and you as a broker. Provide your clients an expertly crafted survey that will uncover feedback on engagement and benefit satisfaction and benefit utilization. This input can then be used to craft a benefits strategy that will help your clients retain their current employees and attract new ones.


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