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Enrollment & Onboarding

Streamline elections & onboarding

Use HR task automation to delight your clients

In today’s ever-changing job market, employers are expected to provide more information and resources to their employees, especially during enrollment and onboarding. However, successfully completing these HR tasks can be complicated and time-consuming.

Solve this dilemma, retain existing business and attract new prospects by offering a benefits enrollment and onboarding platform. With this platform, your clients can reduce their administrative burden and empower their employees with more resources and education.

Enrollment & Onboarding

Key Features

Benefits Administration

Offer greater HR guidance with an easy-to-use benefits administration platform:

  • Save time by allowing employees to enter information only once and digitally sign onboarding and pre-loaded enrollment documents
  • Eliminate errors, forgotten tasks and duplicate work with customizable task management workflows and employer admin and broker dashboards
  • Help employees feel informed and confident about their selections by providing health questionnaires and plan comparison resources

HR Information System

Build long-lasting connections by creating a customized 24/7 online portal that allows you to:

  • Demonstrate your expertise with branded resources that can be linked or posted within the portal, including company info, policies and HR articles
  • Grow your revenue by creating HR information system portals for an unlimited number of clients
  • Help your clients offload HR tasks with easy employee reporting and PTO tracking

Enrollment Booklet Builder

Provide added value during enrollment time with an impactful enrollment booklet builder that enables you to:

  • Instantly create engaging and impactful enrollment booklets that can be customized with specific colors, logos and fonts
  • Store enrollment booklets in one location for easy management, editing and distribution
  • Grant access to your clients to enable them to create their own enrollment booklets and easily track how they are utilizing the tool and the created booklets


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