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miEdge for Insurers

Fueling intelligent prospecting and distribution management

Get the intel you need to sustainably grow premium opportunities

The insurance industry is evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, many insurers consider expanding into new areas of coverage, exploring new regions for potential policyholders, or both. Insurers also must leverage their distribution channels to find scale, efficiency and profit. And all of this can be time-consuming.

Zywave’s miEdge platform can streamline this process. Insurers use this industry-leading tool to get intel on everything from premium written in entire sectors to the loss incidents for individual insureds. Insurers can even search by broker to determine if their book of business makes them appointment-worthy. miEdge is the resource you need to make your prospecting efforts pay dividends.

miEdge for Insurers


Access to Key Information Sources

miEdge aggregates publicly sourced information records into an entity’s module, saving hours of data compilation time.

User-Friendly Data Presentation

View insured records one-by-one or at the aggregate level – grouping by location, industry, broker, and more.

Integration With Carrier Workflows

Thanks to CRM integration and data export options, miEdge functionalities can live within the business systems carriers use daily.

miEdge for Insurers


Built-In Public Record Reporting

View COPE, OSHA, DOT, and other public records in a single reporting view. An insured’s key contacts, associated brokers, and insurable assets are also viewable.

Dynamic Search Capabilities

Search for insureds by geography, NAICS code, and more. Insurers can also search by broker to view the policyholders they work with.

Data Portability Options

miEdge functionalities can be integrated into Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Reports can also be exported for offline analysis.


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