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TurboRater for Carriers

TurboRater, which has more than 250 carriers, delivers accuracy, efficiency, and speed to agents who want to compare, close, underwrite, and track their personal lines sales performance. TurboRater’s web-based system enables carriers to provide comparable quotes from anywhere. All you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone and an internet connection.

We understand the needs of the carrier as well as the agency in building and supporting TurboRater. For all insurance carriers, we provide a carrier relations leader as a main point of contact. Your carrier relations leader will work with you to determine which rating method of the many we use best meets your needs and the needs of your agents. In addition, we assign each carrier a coordinator, so you have two points of contact during all projects that are in planning or production.

Market Basket

Market Basket provides access to anonymous quote data obtained through our rating services and will help you identify new business and marketing opportunities, guide product development, and more.

Download the quote data from the Market Basket web interface in SQL or text format as often as you need to – daily, weekly, or monthly –so you can manipulate the data according to your specific needs. No personal identifiable information will be provided as we maintain a high level of privacy and security precautions with all our data.

In Market Basket you can:

  • Specify date for export files
  • Identify which state’s data to download
  • Choose the export format
  • Password protect ZIP files
  • Access help links
  • Store your history of exports

Market Basket covers a broad range of risks in the auto industry, making it an analytical tool that can service insurance carriers underwriting a wide variation of insurance risks.


Modern insurance carriers must make data-backed decisions to succeed and grow. Whether it is identifying new business and marketing opportunities, guiding product development, or analyzing and setting rates, the TurboAnalytics data portal can help.

Solve Your Actuarial Needs

  • Harness and manipulate data that may have been previously unwieldy or unavailable to your company
  • Intuitive interface is easy to learn and quick to use

Get Specific in Your Reporting

  • Drill down into the details of specific risks with filtered reporting
  • Get a comprehensive look at your rating profile and market intelligence reports

Sourced from Clean, Quality Data

  • Metrics are based on anonymous quote data from ITC’s comparative rating services.
  • Anonymized data is 100 percent sourced from carrier rates signed off and used by agents for binding and policy issuance.

The TurboAnalytics portal brings clear insights directly to insurance carriers. In return, you can make informed, data-backed decisions to grow your business.

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