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Create a One-Stop Shop and Become the Carrier of Choice

Zywave’s carrier suite provides you the tools you need to increase engagement with your agents and policyholders while leveraging an integrated tech stack

Improve the digital experience

Eliminate multiple log-ins, create a connected platform for all your policyholder needs and give them access to the largest self-service loss control library in the industry.

Stand out from your competitors

Agents need tools to compete effectively in a consolidating marketplace. Our Toolbox helps them be more consultative, productive sellers and strengthens their allegiance to your brand.

Give clients the tools they need

Provide value-added services for your policyholders to increase safety engagement, reduce loss frequency and improve account stickiness.

Empower loss control departments

Give them instant access to a vast collection of safety tools that will save them time and enable them to service and consult any risk in any industry.


Broker Briefcase® P&C

Whether you want to train your staff on underwriting best practices, need a template to pair with your safety recommendations or want to increase touchpoints with your policyholders, Broker Briefcase P&C with P&C OneSource makes sure you’re never unprepared or empty-handed.

Our library offers more than 25,000 professional resources from Zywave and industry leaders like IRMI, ISO and Rough Notes. Get up to speed quickly with content on safety, risk management, compliance, industry hot topics, coverage analysis, classification guides, exposure assessments and much more.

MyWave Elements®

Become your policyholders’ go-to resource and create a one-stop shop for all their safety and policy information. MyWave Elements is the customized, go-to resource for policyholders to use for all their HR, risk management and compliance needs.

Automatic, timely updates keep businesses informed of relevant hot topics and the on-demand safety tools and resources are available 24/7, when and where businesses need them most.


ModMaster increases loss control effectiveness and improves work comp underwriting by providing dynamic emod reporting to policyholders while allowing you to calculate/predict/analyze the losses that are impacting them the most.

Ready to building lasting relationships with your agents and policyholders?

Zywave’s industry-leading service and support staff is ready to take you to the next level. Let us show you how.